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Protect your table

Stains and scratches are a thing of the past

The ideal protection for your surfaces

The table foil

The cut-to-size table foil is perfect for any surface in your household. Furthermore, the table foil comes with some special features that only become visible at second glance.

The fine matt table foil

The fine matt table foil was specially developed for glass tables and high-gloss tables. This custom-made foil protects your dining table and enhances its appearance at the same time.

The fine matt table foil

The anti-slip mat is perfect for drawers in the kitchen.
It protects against moisture and does not let dirt through. So your kitchen remains beautiful even after many years.

The floor protection mat

A light matt floor protection prevents scratches, dents, grooves, notches and dirt on sensitive floors such as laminate, parquet, carpets or PVC.

The grill underlay

The grill mat protects you from grease stains on your beautiful wooden and stone floor because these can no longer suck into the floor but are simply wiped off the grill mat.

The bevelled edge – unique in Europe

The edge makes the difference

Table foils for your home

Elegant modern style

Tischfolie mit Weinflasche

Dressing table

The perfect protection against leaking bottles of oil or perfume.
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Tischfolie als Bastelunterlage

Craft table

Especially during handicrafts the table surface is heavily stressed and should therefore be protected.
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Tischfolie auf dem Esstisch

Barbecue area

With our grill mat your wooden and stone floors will always stay clean. You can also use the mat for your workbench.
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Tischfolie mit bearbeiteten Kanten

Chest of drawers

Whether ballpoint pen, key or wallet, the chest of drawers is heavily loaded every day and should therefore be protected.
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Form your own opinion

Table foils for every need. Take a careful look through your home and workshop. Where are all the tables that need to be protected? There is the dining table in the kitchen, which has to be protected while eating and from children doing handicrafts.
The coffee table in the living room should not be an unprotected parking space, the workbench in the basemet must be protected from dripping paint and oil stains. The desk in the office could also serve as an oversized notepad … So many tables and so many ways to ruin the surface of furniture forever.
Avoid this problem with a made-to-measure table foil, as it is available from us. The foils can even be written on and thus serve as the aforementioned notepad, they are washable and can easily be freed from glue residues after handicrafts. The transparent surface allows a view of the tabletop underneath.
At the same time, the table foil is cut to size so that it fits perfectly on every type and shape of table. The special features of the table foil are not only that you get the table foil cut to size and thus it fits perfectly on every table, it is also of the highest quality. A few grease and oil stains, craft glue, food leftovers, ballpoint pens: all that doesn’t matter to the film. It is easy to wipe off and can thus be freed from any kind of stains. Because the film is transparent, you also have the possibility to protect the surface of your table, but still make sure that you can still see the pattern of the table well. Especially real wood tables often have a beautiful texture, which would be a real shame if they were covered permanently.
So, continue to enjoy the pattern or texture of the table, even if you have protected its surface. Table foil made to measure for you. However, our transparent table foils have another advantage to offer: They have a bevelled edge, with which the demand for high seating comfort can be met. It is not without reason that our foil is truly unique and has been registered with the German Patent and Trademark Office.
Profolio: Quality for your home
We at Profolio want you to furnish your home the way you like it. You’ve probably invested a lot of energy in finding the perfect furniture, but now it’s time to protect it. It couldn’t be easier than with a suitable foil that has the exact size of the furniture. Especially since such transparent foils are almost invisible and still offer the highest possible degree of protection. We will be happy to help you design your home with high quality foils in the long term.