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  • customizable shapes
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The grill mat

Avoid grease stains


Dirt and grease repellent

Simply wipe off and you’re done


Does not continue to burn or glow


DIN 53382/2/DIN4102/B2

Really enjoy

The sun is shining and the weather is fantastic, the perfect time for a cosy barbecue evening in your own garden, if it weren’t for the splashing and dripping oil that has to be removed from the floor.

This is where our custom-fit barbecue accessories come in, the barbecue underlay, made just for this area. The grill mat can easily be wiped with a damp cloth and is nicely clean again, furthermore your floor stays clean for a long time. With our grill mat your wooden and stone floors will always stay clean.

Grilling stylishly and safely – with the grill mat

Even the best grill chef can drip hot fat on the floor. Therefore, you should also pay attention to the floor under the grill, because this does not always remain stain-free. But for this we have found a stylish and elegant solution, our grill mat for your grill. You can simply roll it out and place it under your grill. If the hot fat drips on the floor, it can it can just be wiped away and does not get into your expensive wood/stone floor. Just as easy as the grill mat can be rolled out, you can also roll it up again and stow it space-savingly when it is not needed or the grilling season is over. So, your barbecue area remains fat-free and clean even after grilling.

In all sizes

No matter how big your grill is or the area you want to protect, we have the perfect floor protection for it. Do not be annoyed about the fact that in the normal trade no suitable products are avalaible for you and be a step further and order your individual floor protection mat, which is manufactured and cut exactly according to your desires. As we attach great importance not only to the protection of your surfaces but also to the appearance, you will receive the grill mat in a stylish grooved design.