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Protect your table

The tablecloth that protects your table from stains

Effective protection combined with beautiful aesthetics

Precisely fitted

Normal tablecloths have the advantage that they protect the table surface. But most of the time they do not fit precisely, nor do they allow you to see the beautiful grain of the table. Our tablecloth is made to measure and fits perfectly on your table. This means that you no longer have any annoying and hanging sides. Our tablecloth is slip-resistant and can therefore not be pulled down on the sides like usual tablecloths.

Bevelled edge

The bevelled edge is a real highlight by us and also registered in the German patent and trademark register. With the bevelled edge it is much more comfortable for you to place your hand on the table. Without the bevelled edge, you would always have a disturbing edge that might even cut into the skin. Furthermore, this special treatment of the tablecloth is also visually appealing.


You have a beautiful genuine wood table or a beautiful high-gloss finish? Why should it be hidden under a coloured oilcloth or a normal tablecloth? The surface of our tablecloth is transparent and durable. Even when the dining table is used frequently, the new tablecloth remains transparent and clean. Now there is no need to worry about possible surface damage and you keep a clear view of your beautiful table.

Further fields of application of the table foil

Easy to clean

With the new tablecloth, stains on the table or the tablecloth are a thing of the past because the tablecloths are washable. You can simply wipe them away with any cloth. Decoration table runners can simply be placed under the tablecloth and they will stay nice and clean. By the way, the view of the surface remains unobstructed. This allows the expensive real wood table to be effectively protected while still showing off its visual appeal.

Thickness of 2mm

The surface of the new tablecloth is robust, durable and washable thanks to our special material. Did someone make a mess while eating or did they tip over a glass of red wine? With our tablecloth this is no longer a problem! The stains do not longer get absorbed into the table as is the case with the usual tablecloths, but remain on the tablecloth. There they can simply be wiped away with a cloth and you can continue to enjoy your meal.

No overhang

Why no overhang? Small children like to pull on the hanging cotton tablecloth, thus throwing the dishes from the table to the kitchen floor. Or did you ever get tangled up on a tablecloth when you got up, so that the glass fell over and left a stain on the linen tablecloth? Exactly for these cases we have designed our tablecloth which does not hang over the edge of the table and thus makes all sources of danger disappear.

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Table foil the special tablecloth

Would you like to treat yourself to a very special tablecloth? We offer you an innovative idea with which you can decorate your home and completely redesign it. With our tablecloth you enjoy an easily maintained material that offers the perfect decoration for many occasions. Whether you are looking for a blanket for the kitchen or other rooms – we will ensure that your home is enhanced. What is so special about our tablecloth? We offer you a precisely tailored tablecloth that perfectly protects your table. We take the exact shape of the table into consideration. Regardless of whether you want the perfect tablecloth for Easter, Christmas or any other festive occasion: We know that our innovative tablecloth has many advantages.

Details and Differences


  • hangs from the table and affects the appearance
  • the high-quality material or surface is concealed
  • often not suitable for use with foodstuff
  • normal tablecloths often shift when children are pulling them
  • cover the natural edges of the wood and hide it rather than connect with it
  • Countries of origin and safety regulations often unknown
  • Due to the thin material, the surface can be damaged despite the tablecloth.
  • Usually only available by the metre and not individually manufactured for the table.